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At Red Mango Properties we're dedicated to providing you with a high quality experience. We differentiate ourselves by:


Our apartments in Grenada and villas in Grenada are all one bedroom, luxury themed structures.

When renting our Grenada apartments or villas in Grenada, we provide you with complimentary internet access, cable TV, fully furnished decorated interiors, cleaning and laundry services, personal patios and outdoor decks, air conditioning, designed with the objective of maximum sunlight, air flow and security. All prospective tenants in Grenada are shown the property by the Landlord. International visitors can contact us by email to arrange a Skype call or phone our office at 473-406-2213.

Our Grenada apartments and villas in Grenada are located at True Blue bay peninsula in Grenada with close proximity to surrounding services. 

Some of our unique benefits include:

Welcome, take a look around our website, we hope you like what you see. To contact us with questions about our Grenada apartments or villas in Grenada please send an email to the following address or click the 'Contact us' section on the menu above for our self service form. 

​Contact us at: 473-405-3347/473-435-3423

Grenada Apartments Blog


Apartment rentals in Grenada is now in its growth stage, moving on from an introduction over the last 10 years. Rentals in Grenada have of course always been present. This introduction began about 30 years ago with upscale hotels in Grenada, followed by the introduction of luxury villas in Grenada and then luxury apartments most recently. 

The market growth in the apartment sector in Grenada has been underscored by the development of apartment complexes in Grenada which offer a slightly lower price point (100-200$USD) due to the location or self service amenities and the demand for more basic structures. These complexes are a welcome part to the diversity of offerings for tenants seeking accommodation in Grenada.

A new niche market is the luxury apartment sector in Grenada which offers additional services, luxury environments and private structures with two or three apartments or villas in Grenada per compound. These structures are usually family owned and offer tenants the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of the landlords and are usually located in high security areas. 

In addition, with the anticipated growth of the yachting industry throughout the Caribbean, short term rentals are in greater demand accompanied by a flexibility in services. This flexibility is currently achieved with a limited scope to apartment 'add-on's' such as weekly or daily laundry or cleaning services. There are several innovative measures being taken internationally which is likely to eventually reach the luxury apartment rental market in Grenada. Among these measures is a system of 'Influencers' who have strong relationships with luxury apartment owners and access to market data enabling effective data mining and customer targeting. In addition, systems are being created to leverage an economic benefit scheme for small businesses regionally. This is only possible through the integration of small businesses within the Caribbean with effective network structures established through complementary service businesses. 

So what's next? Forecasts predict that the growth of the niche market luxury apartment market in the Caribbean is likely to grow and it has several socio-economic advantages for the locals of the islands. This is a distinct advantage to the beneficiaries: the majority of the Caribbean populace as it creates direct contact between Influencer's regionally and solidifies inter-regional relationships and trade in services and products externally.

This is the first of Red Mango's blogs on the Luxury Apartment market in the Caribbean. Stay tuned for more!

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Villas in Grenada/Grenada Villas

An alternative to renting our new apartments in Grenada is to rent our Villas in Grenada. As stand alone structures, our villas offer you a small home best suited to one individual. Surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees our villas give you the opportunity to maximize the Grenada island lifestyle with its many opportunities. 

The Villa market in Grenada was highly competitive. There is less demand in the market for Villas in Grenada today and growth for apartments in Grenada. Demand has slowed for accommodation in Grenada but there is currently a widening gap in demand for apartments in Grenada (+) compared to Villas in Grenada(-). The villa market saw heavy, spiky demand in the mid 2000's and has since seen consistent decline while the market for Grenada Apartment rentals has also declined but has seen a leveling off and is likely to improve as an affordable luxury alternative with a slightly lower price point. 

Grenada Villas, such as what we offer at Red Mango, are truly charming small structures best suited for an ideal Caribbean holiday or long term stay. The islands villa owners seek to build on Grenada's culture as one of the lesser developed islands in the Caribbean. Our villas at Red Mango Properties offer you stunning views of bays and mountains and offer you the opportunity to enjoy your stay in a private environment rich in beauty and Grenada's culture. 

For further information on the availability of our villas in Grenada please contact us and we will respond to you promptly:




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