We offer cleaning and laundry services at Red Mango Properties. These costs are not included on our rental agreement. Tenants can purchase these services at their move-in date.

Our villas in Grenada and Grenada apartments are available for visitors and long term tenants. Our short term tenancies for our Villas in Grenada are one week and long term tenancies are 12 months.

Apartment rent prices aim to fit your budget and the conventions of the surrounding area. Long term tenancies are exclusive of electricity but include all services. Contact us for information on our long term tenancy rates

Our short term tenancies for our Villas in Grenada or Grenada apartments are some of the most cost effective on the island but are subject to availability. Visitors on holiday or vacation are privy to our vacation rates. Please contact us as these rates vary seasonally.



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Maintenance Services for Apartments in True Blue Bay Grenada

Laundry Services at our Apartments in True Blue Bay Grenada

Landscaping and Gardening Services in True Blue Bay Grenada 

Rental of our Grenada apartments and villas in Grenada includes laundry equipment for self service use.

With Vacation or Holiday rentals this service is included twice per week.

Contact us and we'd be happy to answer any questions

Rent the apartments or villas of Red Mango in Grenada and enjoy the gardens of your Apartment which are meticulously kept.

We have a wide range of lovely plants, rock gardens, tree species and shrubs to give you that Grenada island feel along with the stunning mountain or sea views. 

St. George's Grenada itself contains many species of plant life, flourishing through the parish and the capital Saint Georges.

Contact us and we'd be happy to answer any questions